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Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (SCRO)

Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (SCRO)

The Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) Committee will provide oversight over all experiments related to human embryonic stem (hES) cell research that involve pre-implantation stages of human development, human embryos or embryonic cells, or that entail incorporating human totipotent or pluripotent cells into animal chimeras. The SCRO committee will evaluate the scientific merit, ethical permissibility, and relevant expertise of investigators for all applicable research proposals.

Committee Members

Members of this committee include: basic scientists, clinicians, ethicists, community members, and veterinarians.

The committee reports to the Vice President for Research.

Committee Member List

Chantel Eckert

Michelle Saya

Chris Morley

Bob Quinn

Jennifer Moffat

Matt Elkins

Amy Caruso-Brown

Policy and Guidelines

 Stem Cell Research Application


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