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Working with the Office of Innovation and Partnerships

Working with the Office of Innovation and Partnerships

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The Upstate Medical University Office of Innovation and Partnerships (I&P) evaluates, markets and licenses technology owned by The Research Foundation. Our mission is to encourage effective technology transfer for the public benefit as well as generating royalty income for Upstate to benefit research and education.

Our doors are open to entrepreneurs, angel investors, technology incubators, venture capital firms, R&D and business development people from mid-sized and large enterprises, and all others seeking exciting biomedical technologies to commercialize.

Available Technology

Please see our Technology Listing for a list of the innovative technologies already available for licensing from Upstate. If you have a specific need not addressed by any of the technologies listed there, I&P may be able to help you find the technology under development in a lab or facilitate a collaborative research initiative.

If there is a technology you are interested in commercializing, please contact us to start the licensing process. The first step will typically be a conversation during which we will learn your objectives for the license and technology, and any related needs or desires and can explain what Upstate seeks from licenses and how we work. Upstate subscribes to the general licensing principals outlined in Nine Points to Consider When Licensing.

Shared Risk, Shared Reward

It is our goal to negotiate a deal that shares risks and rewards for all parties, quickly and amicably. The template agreements used reflect best practices of I&P. It is important for companies seeking to license a technology from Upstate to understand that licensing technology from a university is very different than licensing it from a company. Some terms, such as indemnification and limits on publication are non-negotiable. Certain other terms, while not negotiable, will require a more extensive legal review which will cause significant delays and more often than not end up with language only marginally more satisfactory to the potential licensee. We will do our best to guide you through the process and help find ways to meet your contractual language needs without causing unnecessary delays or arriving at "no".

Depending upon your plans for and the development stage of the technology, you may wish to proceed directly to a license or start with a limited-term option. The major terms of an option will include field(s) of use, exclusivity, term or duration, diligence milestones (such as writing a business plan, obtaining funding, or putting in place a management team), and an option fee or fees. The major terms of a license agreement will include, in addition to the terms for an option, sublicensing rights and fees, longer-term diligence milestones (such as dates by which there must be a working prototype, product available for sale or first sale, and minimum sales targets), and financial consideration such as royalties (including issue fee, annual minimums, earned or running royalties on sales, and milestone payments) and equity.

We strives to be commercialization-friendly, and we will actively work to ensure that the commercialization and licensing process moves forward in an expeditious manner.

We value your Feedback

Thank you for visiting the research website. Your feedback is valuable to us as we strive to support researchers and provide information about the exciting research conducted at Upstate Medical University.

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