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Grant Application Checklist

Grant Application Checklist

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Research Foundation of SUNY:
Legal Entity for the submission of grant applications and receipt and administration of grant funds.

Sponsored Programs Office Staff:
Research Foundation designees on the SUNY Upstate campus.

The following is a guide to help you find funding and prepare and submit a grant application.

Identify Funding

Each sponsor has different guidelines for preparation and submission of an application, but there are some general steps that most sponsors require:

  • Identify extramural funding source
  • Obtain program announcement
  • Review program guidelines
  • Note submission deadline
  • Review forms and content specifications, selection criteria, and method of submission (electronic or paper)

Contact Sponsored Programs Office

Sponsored Programs Office staff will assist with application preparation and submission.

  • Review program guidelines
  • Develop a timeline to complete application
  • Provide administrative information and budgetary requirements

Prepare Application

Prepare the application using the sponsor forms and guidelines.

  • SUNY Upstate Fact Sheet provides key information about the institution.
  • The following documents provide valuable information regarding SUNY Upstate's
  • Descriptions of institutional resources and facilities can be found at:
  • If your research involves the use of Human and/or Animal subjects or the use of biohazard or radioactive materials, you must contact the appropriate Compliance Office and sponsor guidelines to ensure that necessary pre-application actions are taken.


  • Some sponsors require IRB and other approvals prior to proposal submission, while others accept applications that are pending approval. Review the guidelines carefully!
  • Work closely with the Sponsored Programs office to complete all necessary forms.
  • Restrictions on the number of pages, font size, margin size, and all of the required formatting/forms ARE taken seriously. If these specifications are not adhered to, the proposal can be returned without review.

Develop Budget

  • Develop an "Internal" or "Working" Budget. Most sponsors require the use of specific budget forms; an internal document will allow you to finalize the budget before completion of the application form.
  • Make sure all costs are appropriate to the program.
  • Use current fringe benefit rates
  • Forward draft budget to Sponsored Programs Office for review.

Collaborating with another institution

If you are collaborating with another institution, the following materials must be obtained from the collaborating institution:

  • Letter of Commitment
  • Scope of Work
  • Budget
  • Rate Agreement

Grant Submission - Required Compliances

  • Grant Request Form (formerly known as the College Face Sheet) can be located on Upstate's Self Serve.  The Grant Request Form when completed is submitted electronically and is reviewed and approved by those designated to approve the Grant Reqeust Form. This required document must be submitted and approved prior to your grant submission. In order to complete the Grant Request Form you will need access to the Grant Request Application (via Self Serve).  Contact April Bridges for assistance, to begin the process of your access to the Grant Request Application.  
  • Conflict of Interest Annual Disclosure must be completed prior to application submission. This process is completed Online. The link can be found: 
  • How To Register For The CITI Course:
  • **Please Note: If your CITI Program Training - COI Module is not Up-To-Date, and expired, you will not be able to complete the Required COI Annual Disclosure.  The link to CITI Program can be found here:
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