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From the Vice President for Research

"Upstate research is a vital, rapidly growing and impactful enterprise. We are capping off six straight years of growth in research expenditures (40% total) with a record 11% growth in the last fiscal year and are about to break the $40M mark for total research expenditures. We have outstanding facilities and research cores that support our world class faculty and a service-oriented research administration with our “faculty first” mantra. This supportive environment allows us to recruit world-class scientists but also supports “growing our own”; many of our most successful researchers started here as young assistant professors. We are also realizing record revenue from our world-changing intellectual property such as the most sensitive saliva test in the world for SARS-CoV2. At Upstate, our research mission is: “To create a world-class research enterprise that supports biomedical research innovation, development and entrepreneurship improving the health and well-being of the world’s people while training the next generation of scientific innovators.”

- Dave Amberg, PhD 

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