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What is a Clinical Trial For Volunteers?
For use when negotiating a budget for Pharmacy Fees
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Form for requesting exception from policy regarding purchasing alcohol with RF funds, updated 2/2/18
Institutions that receive support from Public Health Services offices and agencies, such as NIH, are responsible for following these policies to assure the responsible conduct of research and respond to allegations of research misconduct.
Policy describes ownership of data produced at Upstate by faculty, staff, students, fellows, etc.
An overview of regulatory and contractual policies that govern research and sponsored programs at Upstate and the Research Foundation of the State of New York.
New policy for purchasing alcohol with RF funds dated 2/13/18
Reference document for research administration, faculty, and staff when creating a budget for application submission.
This policy is based upon the ICMJE guidelines for granting authorship and contributorship
Biological Material Transfer, Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement Signatory
Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement Nonsignatory Agreement
Research Foundation Confidentiality Agreement
Standard Operating Procedures
Chemical Use Form
Meeting Dates
Requirements for notifying the IRB of Unanticipated Events
Amended Informed Consent Regulations (FDA)
HIPAA section translated into Bosnian
In Case of Injury, Questions, Voluntary Participation, etc. translated in to Bosnian
Mandatory Human Subjects Education Program
Step by step instructions on registering for the CITI Basic or Refresher Course
Dates and Deadlines
IRBNet FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
IRBNet New User Registration and instructions
IRBNet Training Energizer 1
IRBNet Training Energizer 2
Education Material
Protocol Deviation Policy
Overview of relevant FDA guidelines, HIPAA Security, and State Law; best practices to follow for protecting electronic information
Standard language for the 'In Case of Injury', 'Questions', and 'Voluntary Participation' sections
Educational Presentation
Application form and instructions for submission of bridge grants
Guidelines for eligibility and use of bridge grant funds
Application form and Instructions for Submission of Bridge Grants
Guidelines for eligibility and use of pilot grant funds
clinical, human subjects research unexpected problems and adverse events
Information regarding the importance of clinical research and conducting clinical research at Upstate Medical University
Part I of how to conduct a clinical trial at Upstate Medical University
Information about pre-award and initial decisions, study start-up, trial progression, and study close out
Updates regarding Clinical Research Unit, Clinical Trials Office, and availability of inpatient beds for Phase I trials
Managing a clinical trial, including responsibilities of the PI and the project team
Information about patient needs and safety in clinical research
Importance of conflict of interest and the new Upstate Medical University Policy on Relations with the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device & BIotechnology Industry
Provides information about research misconduct
Provides information about research misconduct
NIH new Public Access policy and resources for researchers to use to comply with this policy
information about the NIH Public Access policy and Upstate resources to assist researchers comply with this policy
Information about the SBIR and STTR programs for researchers to find funding to commercialize their discoveries
Steps in taking a discovery (invention) from initial disclosure to obtaining a patent and/or license
Information about turning inventions into assets, protecting and managing asset rights, and turning IP assets into gain
Services of and how to access the Center for Research and Evaluation
information regarding research supported by the Center for Humanized SCID mouse models and Stem Cell processing lab
Research supported by and how to access Upstate's Confocal & 2 Photon Core Facility
information about research supported by and how to access the Core Facility for DNA Sequencing
Information regarding research supported by and how to access the Core Facility for Flow Cytometry
Provides information about the research supported and how to access the In vivo MicroCT Core Facility
Information regarding research supported by and how to access teh MRI Research Core
Information regarding the types of research supported by and how to access the Microarray-Based Research Core at Upstate
Information about the types of research supported by and how to access teh Musculoskeletal Core
Information regarding research supported by and how to access the Proteomics Core Facility
Informed Consent Checklist
Self-assessment Checklist
Note-to-File Form
Tips and Best Practices
QAIP Schematic
Key Points include: Informed Consent, Continuing Review Submission to the IRB, Confidentiality and HIPAA Issues, Amendments to Approved Protocols, Adverse Event Reporting to the IRB, Protocol Deviation Reporting to the IRB,DSMB Submission to the IRB
Eligibility Checklist
Enrollment Log
Prepare for Site Visit
an in-depth course for faculty who conduct human subject research
Fringe Benefit Rates for Fiscal Year 2021
Fee schedule for ust of Flow Cytometry Core Facility updated 2/2/10.
Checklist of important steps for grant application
Instructions for completing the Required Grant Request Form via Self-Serve when submitting a Grant.
Refresher requirements for RCR memo from Dave Amberg 9/2014
Fact sheet of Research Training Requirements through Citi.
Advanced Fluorescent Imaging Core Fee Schedule
Core Flow Aria Cell Sorter
Core Flow Cell Sorter
Fortessa Cell Analyzer
Core Flow Sort Questionaire
Core Flow Useful Links
Flow Core Fee Schedule
IHP MRI Core Policy January,2011 update
Use this form to request the services of the IHP MRI Core Research Facility
Application to request use of the Upstate Medical University Clinical Research Unit
core flow training
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