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Dimensions is a linked research data platform, including information on publications, research funding, patents and clinical trials - all on an international scale. In some ways similar to platforms such as Pubmed, Scopus and Web of Science, but with a much wider and more open scope, Dimensions is designed to help anyone involved in research to get better knowledge about what is going on in their research area, and how this is changing over time.

You can access Dimensions by going to

Some examples of the ways in which it can be used include:
  • Discovery of the latest publications, awarded grant funding, clinical trials or patents on any topic of interest, worldwide
  • Benchmarking of research organizations, funders, publications or researchers in a particular topic, or across all research activity
  • Identification of new sources of research funding for future funding applications
  • Clear and unbiased analysis of the research activity at our own organization, and how this is changing over time

Dimensions is available via the University single sign-on system. This is the openly available free version of Dimensions. If you are already using this version then you will find that you are now able to access grants, patents and clinical trials data (as well as everything you are already used to), when you are logged in via the University account.

While using Dimensions you can contact the Dimension support team at any time by clicking on the “Support” link in the top right corner of the page, and looking at the FAQ in the support center, or get in contact by clicking on “Send Feedback”.

See the “Quick Start Guide” video to get started which can be found on the front Dimensions support center page.

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