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Our mission is to provide simplified access to electron microscopy. We aim on utilizing equipment and expertise in electron microscopy for biological and material science applications. We primarily serve the researchers from SUNY Upstate Medical University, SUNY ESF, and Syracuse University as well as other academic institutions and corporations from the greater Upstate region. We also support out-of-state or -country collaborators. Electron microscopy is used in conjunction with a variety of ancillary techniques (e.g., thin sectioning, serial sectioning immuno-labeling, negative staining) to investigate the detailed structure of tissues, cells, organelles, macromolecular complexes, vesicles, particles or various pathogens.    

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Iwona Koenig, PhD Assistant Professor, Co-Director
Iwona Koenig, PhD

Assistant Professor, Co-Director 315-464-8419

Benjamin Zink Technical Manager
Benjamin Zink

Technical Manager 315-464-7685

William Spencer Assistant Professor, Co-Director
William Spencer

Assistant Professor, Co-Director 315-464-8127

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