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Proposal Development

  • Proposal Development

Research Development support is available for proposals of all sizes, from single-investigator projects and prestigious faculty awards to transdisciplinary, center-scale efforts.  


Ways we can help-

  • Fit of the proposed project to the solicitation and prospective funder 
  • Solicitation requirements and options for addressing them 
  • Funder's mission and general and specific proposal review criteria 
  • Overall responsiveness of the proposed approach 
  • Background resources, tools, and insights from previously funded proposals 
  • Structuring a proposal outline/checklist as a writing guide 
  • Suggestions to increase the power and clarity of the presentation 
  • Ensuring consistency across multiple sections and authors 
  • Assistance with other components as needed (e.g., biosketches) 
  • Editing for scientific content 
  • Editing and formatting for clarity, cohesiveness, and overall effect 
  • Condensing text and eliminating redundancies 
  • Comments on the focus, organization, and development of preliminary drafts 
  • Clarity of significance, innovation, and potential impact of proposed work 
  • Compliance with review criteria, funder mission and guidelines, and past reviewer comments (if available) 
  • Effectiveness and impact of near-final drafts 
  • Proofreading of final version 

Please note that all services are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to institutional initiatives. We encourage PIs to contact us as soon as possible to ensure adequate time to fulfill their request. Timing guidelines for making a request are as follows: 

  • Full Service
    • Conceptual Advice, Document Assistance, and Editing, Document Review
    • At least 2-3 months in advance of the submission deadline 
  • Conceptual Advice only
    • Can be done at any time with a meeting request to the Research Development Team 
  • Document Assistance and Editing with Document Review
    • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings until submission 

    • Notification at least 60-90 days prior to submission 
    • Early notification time allows us better scheduling
  •  Document Review
    • At least one month to review the full proposal 

  • Proofreading only 
    • 1 week to review specific aims page, 2 weeks to review the full proposal  



For More Information...

Daria LaRocca, MS, PhD

Research Development Scientist, Grant/Science Writer
Weiskotten Hall, 1111B

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