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Funded Intramural Research Projects

  • Funded Intramural Research Projects

Hendricks Intramural Pilot and Bridge Program

PI Department Title
Tamara Jamaspishvili Pathology Studying the prognostic and predictive role of PD-L1 expression on digital pathology images using artificial intelligence in a pan-cancer retrospective patient cohort undergoing immunotherapy
Leszek Kotula Urology Defining mechanisms of hormone treatment-induced dementia: the role of ABI1 in dendritic spines
Hong Lu Pharmacology Novel drug/mRNA co-delivery to the liver-lung axis to overcome glucocorticoid resistance and multiorgan dysfunction syndrome in sepsis
David Lubin Radiology Novel Theranostic Binding Protein based on Human Ubiquitin
Carlos Muniz Neurology Cardiac safety of antiseizure medications
Jushuo Wang Cell & Developmental Biology Analyses of off-target effects on cardiac muscle by inhibitors of the UPS and Non-UPS designed to treat multiple myeloma


Department Title

Robert Cooney
Juntao Luo


A translational study of a novel nanotrap for sepsis treatment using patient blood samples

Huaiyu Hu

Neuroscience & Physiology

Generation of EYS mutant marmoset embryos

Bokkyu Kim

Physical Therapy Education

Promoting fine hand motor skill learning in chronic stroke survivors using transcranial photobiomodulation

Bruce Knutson

Biochemistry & Molecular

Directed evolution approach to investigate the structure-based DNA binding mechanism of RNA polymerase I Core Factor

Mira Krendel

Cell & Developmental Biology

Assay development for analysis of the motor activity of class I myosins

Stewart Loh

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Mechanism and Detection of LECT2 amyloidosis

Erin Wentz
Carol Sames

Physical Therapy Education
Physical Therapy Education

The SPROUT Project: Starting pregnancy with robustness for optimal upward trajectories

PI Department Title
Jessica Henty-Ridilla Cell & Developmental Biology Dynamic interplay of actin, microtubules & protein aggregates in ALS
Xin Jie Chen Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Role of mitochondrial proteostatic signaling in neurodegeneration
David Pruyne and Jeffrey Amack Cell & Developmental Biology Formins and skeletal muscle development in the zebrafish embryo
Dimitra Bourboulia Urology Mechanism of Tyr phosphorlyation of TIMP2 by SRC kinase
Brian Nicholas Otolaryngology The Preservation of Hearing Function During Cisplatin Therapy Using a Telodendrimer Nanocarrier in a Mouse Model
Eric Olson Neuroscience and Physiology Identification of signaling pathways disrupted by fetal alcohol exposure

Cancer Center Pilot Program

PI Department Title
Jason Horton Orthopedics Targeted inhibition of EWS:Fli1 for treatment and radiosensitization of Ewing sarcoma
Robert Hutchison Pathology Modulation of PD-L1 expression in lymphoma cell lines by chemotherapy
Bruce Knutson Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Enhancing the broad-spectrum application of anti-cancer RNA polymerase I
inhibitors in aggressive p53 mutant cancers
Leszek Kotula Urology Molecular Basis of Lung Metastasis: Tumor Microenvironment
Mira Krendel Cell & Developmental Biology The role of myosin 1e in breast cancer progression and metastasis
Megan Oest Orthopedics Mechanisms Regulating Dysfunctional Repair of Post-Radiotherapy Bone Fragility Fractures
Guirong Wang Surgery Mechanisms of TP53 genetic polymorphisms on RNA splicing processes and gene expression in the pathogenesis of lung cancer

Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund of CNY

PI Department Title
Brittany Simone Radiation Oncology Metabolic reprogramming of host immunity in breast cancer
Lisa Lai Surgery A novel miRNA-based breast cancer screening approach
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