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Research Integrity Office (RIO)

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The Upstate Medical University Research Integrity Office promotes and monitors the responsible conduct of research for all research at and affiliated with Upstate faculty, staff, fellows, students and volunteers.

The Research Integrity Office accepts and assesses allegations of research misconduct and oversees inquiries and investigations into credible allegations that fall within the definition of research misconduct, according to the Upstate Medical University Research Misconduct Policy.

Reporting Research Misconduct

All Upstate faculty and staff are encouraged to report any suspected incidences of research misconduct to the Upstate Research Integrity Office. Good faith allegations can be made in person, or via phone or email. All reasonable efforts will be made to protect the anonymity of complainants making good faith allegations of research misconduct. Potential complainants are encouraged to read the Upstate Research Misconduct Policy and bring good faith allegations forward in a way most comfortable to them.

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